Procedure for Buyers:

If the buyer is interested in any of the commodities which we offer, we would need to receive as much information as possible. Once we have successfully completed our due diligence, we will match the buyer with the relevant seller that we work in partnership with. Below is the guideline:

  1. Buyer company profile with contact details and the name of the authorized company representative
  2. Products required, quantities and specifications
  3. Preferred Banking Instruments
  4. Name of the Bank to be used
  5. Preferred Destination Ports
  6. Target Price
  7. Incoterms

All referrals by intermediaries are honoured, but direct contact between the supplier and end buyer is required.

We help sellers and buyers to achieve equilibrium between their objectives and procedures. Building long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, cooperation and shared values is of utmost importance to us and our partners. 

We have direct access to major Gold Refineries in Dubai and therefore can facilitate sales of gold bars more than 10 KG per shipment from Alluvial or Smaller mines in Africa. Please do call us for further details or phone me directly at +44 7955904000